A good deal of planning and preparation goes into setting up and conducting a presentation or training session but don't lose an opportunity to make the next one better! When a presentation is concluded, take formal steps to evaluate what could be done to improve the next one.

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The Turtle On The Fence Post

By Stephen Boyd | October 21, 2011

Alex Haley, author of Roots, kept on the wall of his office a picture of a turtle sitting on a fence. To him, the image held a powerful lesson. His explanation - "If you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know he had some help." I think that is especially true of the effective presenter. Becoming a competent presenter requires help.

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Improving The Evaluation Process

By Speaking Tips | February 2, 2004

Professionals who do occasional training in their area of subject expertise often do not give much thought to evaluation. They know it should be done but wait until the last minute to whip up a participant reaction survey. Evaluation is a complex job and no single tool can accurately measure training. In a rapidly changing world, evaluation tools need to be constantly refined to measure the value and success of training.

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Feedback A Critical Step In Learning

By Speaking Tips | December 8, 2003

Public speaking involves acquiring knowledge and skills plus other intangibles such as gaining confidence, developing a persona and finding your inner voice. Skilled feedback validates your natural talents, recognizes your efforts and neutralizes your tendency to be overly self-critical. It lets you know when a simple course correction, like changing the order of ideas, can make your message more powerful.

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